Pure Bud Flavor

Pure Bud Flavor - 80's California Strain
Our pure bud e-liquid flavor is just that! This Pure Marijuana ejuice that almost tastes like the real thing. It's the closest weed flavor that you can vape without it being illegal and it does not contain THC. Our bud flavor has the smell and taste that you would expect when vaping genuine mary jane from the 80's. It has a piney taste similar to the popular California Sensi strain. 

Let's keep it real, some people love our bud flavor, some people not so much and some people have grown to love it over time, but you'll never know unless you try it for yourself. We always recommend that you order a 5 ml Sample bottle so that you can try it first to see if you like it before you purchase a bigger sized bottle of any of our flavors. If you are an old-school bud lover, then this ejuice is for you!

Smoking Tip: Try different wattage settings until you find the perfect vaping watt for you. For instance, one customer vapes at 24.5 watts and another customer vapes in the lower 60 watts. Everyone has different taste buds and use different vape pens/equipment, therefore you will have to find what wattage works for you for the best taste. Also, the taste can vary at different watts, vary in taste with stronger flavoring(double shot) and vary in taste due to the nicotine strength.

FDA approved for use in food, beverages, and products for human consumption.

Natural & Artificial Flavor, Propylene Glycol
CBD: None
Acetyl Propionyl:

If by chance you are not fond of the pure bud, then try our NON-MMARIJUANA flavored ejuices instead they're sweet and delicious!
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